Who are we?
SMS Global means more than website design and application development. Today businesses need a partner to wade through the buzzwords and consultant mumbo-jumbo. Expensive, time-intensive solutions are out the door. We provide a methodical approach to evaluating problems and converting those issues into opportunities. We give our customers cost-effecient solutions to difficult problems.

SMS Global can give your business the edge it needs to survive in today's dog-eat-dog world. By avoiding the costly mistakes of large consulting agencies, we simplify even the most complex problems. Instead of over-architecting an expensive and time-consuming project, we deliver timely and cost-effective answers to the most demanding scenarios.


"Unbelievable. That sums it up. The bigger guys' solutions would have taken over 4 times as long and cost us 10 times what the SMS Group was able to provide. Unbelievable."

Michael Mattson
Rapid development of scalable applications gives businesses the cost-effective edge in a competitive market.


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